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1.  Cingalee's "Broken & Restored Dinner Plate" Complete with all the original accessories.  Hammer, tray for pieces of plate, paper bags (and how to prepare them), a stage cloth, special circular tray for vanishing small piece of plate found on the stage, 40 white dinner plates, and Faust's switchboard for final restoration of plate in frame.  Plus 6ft. Dragon playwood cut-out "scrimmed" and painted, on stand to hold paper bag if working with just one assistant.  Unique.  £500.

5.  Vanishing Bowl of Water on Tray.  Mephisto-Huis large copper bowl and original aluminium circular tray, plus large circular brass tray from Port Said, Egypt, for a better tray. £100.

6.  The "Pull" that Howard De Courcy used for his "Vanishing Bircage" with coat removal, with full instructions and including the cuff-links that Howard used on stage throughout his career. Plus a replica made by Faust with a strong metal loop to attach to his Bartl birdcage instead of the brass ring on Howard's "Pull".  £300.

28.  Large Tear-Apart Dove Vanish Box, with easy fix panels for paper, and folding table stand.  Taylor-Made. £150.

69.  Glass Penetration Frame.  Taylor-Made.  Based upon the original Chris Charlton model, but much larger, and made from "Dural" with an improved design. £250.

76.  Dove Cage Vanish for 6 Doves.  Taylor-Made.  On a Brazilian mahogany antique style pedestal table.  £600.

78.  Combined Close-up Carrying Case/Table top.  Taylor-Made. Brazilian mahogany.  £275.  SOLD.

128.  Lightweight 4-legged Table, with two shelves, for solo act.  Aluminium tubular legs.  Dismantles and packs flat.  With carrying case.  Taylor-Made.  One only. £125

138.  The Crystal Casket on small stool.  The visible appearance of a Dove inside the crystal casket.  "Pull" line worked from off-stage.  Taylor-Made.  In large wooden travel box.  £155.

192.  Polished Stainless Steel Hoop, 40" diameter, 3/4" tubing.  For levitation or suspension illusions.  £50. SOLD.

334.  Wood travel box of glasses as used for The Magic Kettle by Granville Taylor, and later as Faust, in all his shows around the world.  21 glasses in individual padded compartments.  £15.

337.  'Props' Trolley.  Dismantles flat for travelling.  Trolley measures 25" by 20" excluding the handle at one end.  £1.5" high.  With a wooden travelling case. £100.

343.  Brass Bowl 10.5" diameter and 8" high with wire gauze inside the bottom of the bowl, covering a clip to hold a lit cigarette, to produce smoke as unlit cigarettes are magically produced and thrown into the bowl.  Plus a Cigarette Tank  for 3 lit cigarettes.  Also a dummy cigar, and a corncob pipe.  £30.

344.  Enpty "scrimmed" wood travel boxes.  Small and medium sized boxes available.  £5 each.  Also empty wood travel box suitcase size with hasp and staple and padlock.  £10.  All Taylor-Made.

356.  "Miracle" Billiard Ball.  Known as the "looped" ball.  Has the appearance of great skill, as the ball is made to vanish and re-appear in a series of bewildering manipulations.  With instructions for routine.  5cm diameter wooden ball, painted glossy red.  £15.

357.  Lit Cigarette Vanish. £10.

358.  Merv Taylor Production Cage.  With Taylor-Made Tie-Dyed Silk.  £275.

359.  De Biere type Egg-Bag with his original patter, plus "blown" eggs in a "scrimmed" woodne travel box. £150.

360.  Serpent Silk, with reel.  £50.

363.  The Revolving Cane.  Cane unscrews into two parts for ease when travelling.  In a canvas case.  £50.

364.  Another Revolving Cane, with silver knob, in a long "scrimmed" cardboard tube.  £100.

365.  A Bartl Locking Vanishing Birdcage. (Type used by De Biere and Faust).  £400. SOLD.

366.  A Vintage Round Production Cage.  Maker unknown, superb design, and bigger and just as good as the John Martin model.  With a 42" square Taylor-Made Tie=Dyed Silk. £300.

367.  Coat, Ropes, and Rings. £45.

368.  Lyle's "Squaring the Circle."  with Faust's patter.  Boxed.  £35.

371.  A rare Abbott's "Boutonierre".  £50.

372.  "Stuck in Time" by Tom Yurasita.  £200.  SOLD.

373.  Lock-Nest Boxes by Tom Yurasita.  £150.

374.  Creepy Matches.  £40.

375.  Self-Opening Umbrella for Production, with load bag, and in a "scrimmed" carboard tube for travelling.  £20.